These are the vehicles appearing in Shaun the Sheep.

Farm VehiclesEdit

These include a Lamb Rover and a Tractor.

The tractor is Mossy Bottom farm's main vehicle. This tractor is a bit old and rusty. The land rover is an old but reliable pick - up truck and briefly driven by Shaun.

Other VehiclesEdit

These include the quad bike, the pizza delivery bike, the bus, the flatbed truck and the Pig's car and aeroplane. 

The pig's car and the quad bike are seen in the episode, 'Big Chase'.The quad bike is driven by Timmy and when the farmer goes to drive it the quad bike explodes. The pig's car's part of the episode occurs when the pigs join in the chase. When Shaun takes the old lady's hat, she asks the pigs for a lift to get her hat back. The pizza moped is seen in 'The Big Chase', 'What's Up Dog?' and 'Foxy Laddie'. In the former two episodes, Bitzer borrows the moped. The bus is a vehicle to transport the flock or deliver pizza. The flatbed truck transports sheep to an unnamed farm and to market. The aeroplane is destroyed in 'Pig Swill Fly' when they crash into hay bales.