Timmy 0
    Basic Information



Sheep (Lamb)


Lamb, sucking a dummy

    Personal Infomation

Timmy's Mother




Trumper, The Pigs, The Farmer's Niece


The Flock, Bitzer


The Farmer


Cute, adorable, innocent, mischievous, smart, adventurous, curious.



    Professional Information

sheep husbandry, baby


baby lamb of the Flock

    Chronological Information
First Appearance

"Off the Baa!"

Last Appearance

"Shaun the Sheep Movie 2"

Voiced by

Justin Fletcher

Timmy is a notable member of the flock and the tritagonist of the British television series Shaun the Sheep. Timmy also stars in his own series Timmy Time. Adorable but not as innocent as he looks, Timmy is a baby lamb who sucks a pacifier and has a tendency to get himself into dangerous and lethal situations. He is the cousin of Shaun the Sheep, the titular hero of the series.

In Timmy Time, he experiences the highs and lows of daily life at nursery, learning to share, learning to work as a team, being kind and helpful and owning up when you’ve made a blunder. Timmy has a whole host of furry and feathered friends who help, and hinder, his adventures. He is voiced by Justin Fletcher. He does not appear in Fetching; Two's Company, Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti, Bye Bye Barn and Wildlife Watch. He tends to get himself in dangerous and lethal situations, even in Supersize Timmy, he eats miracle grow serum, getting super big and attacking the farm.


Timmy is not the tiniest out of the flock. He sucks a yellow binky with a rabbit design.      

FYI: When something is taken from him, he cries.

He has an ability of hiding himself in his own piece of fleece, as shown in S02E10, where the farmer took him as pillow since he did not know it was Timmy

Weakness: Becoming tired...he doesn't like it.

Secret: His dream is that one day, the farmer will let them do whatever they want.

Likes: His teddy bear, swimming, watching games and playing with his mother.

Dislikes: The Farmer hanging him on the clothesline, Mower Mouth drinking from the toilet in the dump, Shirley's hiccups.

Friends (Timmy Time): The Duck.

World name Edit

  • Japanese: ティミー - Timī
  • Chinese: 邓肯 - Dèngkěn
  • Chinese (traditional): 咪咪羊 - Mi Mi Yang
  • Hindi: टिम्मी - timmee
  • English: Timmy
  • Korean: 티미 - Timi
  • Portuguese: Timmy
  • Tamil: தமிழ் - டிம்மி
  • Finnish: Timppa
  • German: Timmy
  • Russia: Тимми

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only sheep to appear in his own spin-off called Timmy Time.
  • In The Kite, he was used as an eraser by Shaun and he sneezed. It is possible that he is allergic to chalkboard dust.
  • In Season 1, Timmy is shown to only have 1 tooth, but in Season 2 and other episodes in Season 1, he has a full set of teeth.
  • Timmy is sometimes used as a wash cloth. Funnily enough. his own mother used him as a window cleaner, as shown in S03E04
  • When he gets big in "Supersize Timmy", he keeps his baby ways, the like for his teddy bear, the like for his pacifier, and his crying. Although, his voice extremely changed.
  • He was absent in The Bull.