Things That Go Bump
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CBBC Channel

7 December 2006

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"Who's The Mummy"

Things That Go Bump, also known as, Things That Go Bump in the Night, is the twentieth episode in Shaun the Sheep and one of the scariest episodes ever in Series 1.

Synopsis Edit

On a dark and stormy night the flock cannot sleep. Shaun discovers the culprits.

Plot Edit

The episode begins in the stormy and dark night, and the Flock are shown sleeping until the lightning sound wakes them up. Shaun sees what's going on and hear a noise. He thinks that Timmy is making a noise, but he tells him that Shirley is crying since she wants his sucking item, so he gives it to her. The lightning noise comes, which makes Shirley step on Shaun's foot. Shaun screams in pain in wanting to stop Shirley from stepping on him and jumps in up and down. Suddenly, a ghost appears and makes the Flock scream (except Shaun who is silently watching). The ghost reveals to be Bitzer, who is coming for a bedtime story when suddenly, the pumpkin appears. The Flock tell Shaun that it's behind him. Shaun does not notice until he sees scary pumpkin and starts to run backward and falls down. All the Flock start running around in insane, except Bitzer, who is asking what's happening. Shaun then sees the pigs playing the prank with the pumpkin and decides to use a scary item in order to prank the pigs. They are scared and run away. The Farmer wakes up and goes outside using the flashlight to check out. However, he sees a scary item and runs away from Mossy Bottom Farm. Shaun, Bitzer, Hazel and the pigs laugh.

Characters Edit

Triva Edit

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