The Twins
    Basic Information

Male (both)



    Personal Infomation

The Pigs, Trumper, Pidsley, Mower Mouth (formerly), The Farmer's Niece, The Bull (formerly), Hector, Fernando, Raul (current)


Bitzer, Shaun, Timmy, Timmy's Mother, The Flock, Mower Mouth, The Bull


The Farmer

First Appearance

Shape up with Shaun

Last Appearance
Voiced by

Simon Greenall

The Twins are the sheep that look very similar. They are good friends of Shaun.

It’s usually double the trouble when this woolly duo is involved. Impossible to tell apart, they’re always up for an adventure, so when Shaun suggests a day out, these two are first in the line! Boisterous, loud and full of energy, this sparky pair likes nothing better than battling it out in a play fight. But the Twins always come together in times of trouble, so when the Farmer needs finding, they do their best to help out.

Shaun The Sheep Edit

Coming Soon!

Shaun The Sheep Movie Edit

Coming Soon!


World name Edit

English: Twins

Portuguese: Ovelhas Gemeas

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