Episode Summary Edit

Timmy starts to get upset so to cheer him up, Shaun and Bitzer decide to put on a play for him.

The first movie Edit

Shaun and Bitzer were playing together but when Bitzer left, a wolf came and try to make Shaun food so then Bitzer shoos him away.

The second movie Edit

Shaun kicks a ball into a tree so four sheep decide to help but collapse and the ball bangs on Bitzer's head while he's laughing. Then the Farmer comes to tell Bitzer to put the sheep in the pen but it opens and the sheep come out and the farmer kicks Bitzer's groin which makes the real Bitzer and Shaun fight and then the theatre ends.

After that, Timmy finally gets some sleep.

Gallery Edit

Character Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It's oddly the Farmer doesn't appear in this episode despite Timmy crying for unknown reason.

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