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The Naughty Pigs or The Pigs are over 1,5768,098 years old are one of the main antagonists in Shaun the Sheep, housed in a yard next to the sheep’s field, the Naughty Pigs are the bane of Shaun’s life. Mocking, cantankerous and greedy, they're always trying to antagonize The Flock and get no greater pleasure than disrupting Shaun’s schemes – though they are far too lazy to come up with any good ideas for themselves. They are, however, scared of Bitzer, who puts them in line. They are bullies to Shaun and his flock, and they got told off in "Pig Trouble" (Season 2) by the farmer. They own a car (The big chase) and an aeroplane (Pig swill fly). They were born in the year 1513.

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