The Shaun The Sheep Movie!

Did you know that in Spring in 2015 on March 20th there is going to be a Shaun the sheep movie! It will be in cinemas all over the world!

Aardman didn't give too much away but they said that the movie is about: Shaun's mischeif accidentely leading the farmer to be taken away from the farm, Shaun, Bitzer and the flock have to brave the big city to rescue him, setting the scene for an epic big screen adventure!

Find out more at the Shaun the sheep offical site!

On a message posted on the Shaun the Sheep Forums, it was announced that filming had begun on or sometime prior to January 30, 2014.[1]


Shaun The Sheep Movie - Teaser Trailer01:00

Shaun The Sheep Movie - Teaser Trailer

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