The Genie is the fourth episode of Series 4 of Shaun the Sheep.

Synopsis Edit

Shaun dreams of a life in the fast-lane.

Plot Edit

It all started when The Farmer opened the fridge. When he noticed that there are no food, he was confused, he and Bitzer came to the shop. Shaun, who is in a wooden car, noticed a red convertible. When he dreams about a fast-lane, Shirley is throwing junk.

Shirley jumps over, but crushes the convertible, which causes Shaun to be miserable. Shirley noticed a genie lamp. She rubs it, the genie came. Shirley says she wished for things, and the genie gave some things (i.e. a TV, a box, etc.) Shirley also asks for pizza, but the genie gave it to her. The flock needs pizza. One of the sheep needs pizza, but the genie has 3 wishes. He needs it, and the genie sighs, then he gives him. All of the sheep needs pizza, as well as Shaun. Shaun is hungry, at the things are here at the stage.

After the scene, it turns to be a red convertible, (the car that Shaun dreams about a fast-lane) Shaun tries to get it, but it was too late--it vanished. Shaun wants pizza, but kicks him out. All the flock got pizza pancakes. The genie asks Timmy, and Timmy says that he asks for a huge pizza. The genie made a huge pizza on mid-air, and it slams the field. The flock then swim here, except for Shaun (who needs to wish a red convertible). He rubs it, but too late.

The genie appears, and he needs to vanish the huge pizza, but the genie vanishes the flock, the genie and Shaun are in a pink background, then it's back to present day. One of the flock tried to get it, but Shaun kicks the genie lamp into a cargo truck and is not seen at the episode again. The land rover came back to the farmhouse, and we see the farmer and Bitzer, who is getting pizza boxes. He tried to hide it, as the flock were to get it and hit Shaun.

Characters Edit


The Genie (character)

The Farmer


The Flock


Timmy's Mother


Trivia Edit

  • The farmer's grocers are seen real life.
  • This is the third episode where Timmy and his mother appeared.
  • The pizza box's name is called "Pizzanas".

Goofs/Errors Edit

  • If you see The Farmer's pizza boxes, the name of the pizza box is called "Pizzana", instead of "Pizzanas".
  • When Shaun grabs the red convertible, he is missing his fleece.
  • When the flock had a pizza card, the "Pizzanas" logo is not visible, despite it is from the box. The reason it didn't appeared is only the logo appears at the pizza boxes at the end.