The Fox
    Basic Information




    Personal Infomation

Shaun, The Farmer, Bitzer, The Flock, Timmy, The Cockerel

    Chronological Information
First Appearance

Cock a Doodle Shun

Last Appearance

The Coconut

Voiced by

Gareth Owen

The Fox is one of the minor antagonists of the Shaun The Sheep series. He's a fox who lives in a tree stub just outside Mossy Bottom Farm, and repeatedly tries to steal one or more of the animals on the farm. Because of his stealing behaviour, he's hated by the Flock, Bitzer and the Farmer.

Shirley was once in love with the Fox when he was dressed up as a male sheep (in the episode Foxy Laddie), but his plans to abduct Timmy was spoiled by the Flock (Shaun and Bitzer in paticular), and at the end, the Fox was beaten up by a very angry Shirley.

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