The Flock are the one big happy, if slightly dopey, family. The sheep like to play and create mischief together, though it's usually Shaun and Bitzer who sort out the resulting mess. The flock tend to be kinda of dumb (except Shaun, Bitzerand sometimes Timmy) as shown when a genius gave them 3 wishes, all of then except Shaun (witch wanted a sports car) asked for pizza, and Timmy even asked a pizza pool. And sometimes they get some stupid ideas. But however, under the proper management and surveilance of Shaun or Bitzer, they can be very productive, as seen when they made a fully funcional dummy of a horse using only junk on a small junkyard in the Big City, when they modified the old farmers truck to look way more modern (but on that case, they screwed up the tractor, making it uncontrolable) and as seen in lots of other cases.

The only known named sheep are: