Shaun, the world's favourite Sheep stars in 20 rollicking misadventures in the Third Season. Shaun and the Flock return, along with Shaun's best mate, the ever faithful Blitzer, the Farmer, and all the Mossy Bottom Farm favourites. Watch Shaun take to the skies in a hang glider, gasp as the flock fight against eviction from the barn, marvel at Blitzer's musical talent and chuckle as Shaun is attacked by a duck. Life is never dull on Mossy Bottom Farm!


  1. Spring Lamb
  2. Sheepless Nights
  3. Bagpipe Buddy
  4. Strictly No Dancing
  5. Supersize Timmy
  6. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  7. Who's the Caddy?
  8. Lock Out
  9. Two's Company
  10. Double Trouble
  11. Hide and Squeak
  12. Ewe've Been Framed
  13. Bitzer's New Hat
  14. Frantic Romantic
  15. Everything Must Go
  16. In The Doghouse
  17. Whistleblower
  18. What's Up, Dog?
  19. Cock-a-Doodle Shaun
  20. Cat Got Your Brain
  21. Chip Off The Old Block
  22. Pig Trouble
  23. Cheetah Cheater
  24. Draw the Line
  25. The Big Chase
  26. Party Animals
  27. Bitzer and the Black Lagoon
  28. Zebra Ducks Of The Serengeti
  29. The Boat
  30. Bitzer's Basic Training
  31. Magpie
  32. Operation Pidsley
  33. Pig Swill Fly
  34. We Wish Ewe A Merry Christmas
  35. Fireside Favourite
  36. All Ill Wind
  37. Shaun Goes Potty
  38. Foxy Laddie
  39. Shirley Whirley
  40. Snowed In

Extras Edit

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