File:The Complete Series 3 DVD.jpg
The Complete Series 3 is on Australian DVD Released In 2016.


Shaun, the world's favourite Sheep stars in 20 rollicking misadventures in the Third Season. Shaun and the Flock return, along with Shaun's best mate, the ever faithful Blitzer, the Farmer, and all the Mossy Bottom Farm favourites. Watch Shaun take to the skies in a hang glider, gasp as the flock fight against eviction from the barn, marvel at Blitzer's musical talent and chuckle as Shaun is attacked by a duck. Life is never dull on Mossy Bottom Farm!


  1. Prickly Heat
  2. The Stand Off
  3. The Coconut
  4. The Shepherd
  5. You Missed A Bit
  6. The Crow
  7. Hard to Swallow
  8. Mission Inboxible
  9. Bye Bye Barn
  10. Let's Spray
  11. Shaun the Fugitive
  12. The Rounders Match
  13. Film Night
  14. Fossils
  15. The Skateboard
  16. The Piano
  17. The Snapshot
  18. The Hang Glider
  19. The Shadow Play
  20. Bull Vs Wool

Extras Edit

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