From the creators of Wallace and Gromit, this is the complete collection of all 40 sheeptacular episodes from Shaun the Sheep Series One! Join mischievous Shaun and the rest of the flock for mayhem in the meadow, chaos in the countryside and pandemonium in the pasture,as Shaun and his friends try to pull the wool over the eyes of the farmer’s trusty sheepdog Bizter!


  1. Off The Baa!
  2. Fetching
  3. Bathtime
  4. Big Top Timmy
  5. The Bull
  6. The Kite
  7. Shape Up With Shaun
  8. Buzz Off Bees
  9. Timmy In A Tizzy
  10. Mower Mouth
  11. Take Away
  12. Mountains Out of Molehills
  13. Little Sheep of Horrors
  14. Scrumping
  15. Saturday Night Shaun
  16. Still Life
  17. Things That Go Bump
  18. Who's the Mummy?
  19. Shaun Shoots the Sheep
  20. Fleeced
  21. Sheep on the Loose
  22. Hiccups
  23. Washday
  24. Troublesome Tractor
  25. Heavy Metal Shaun
  26. Tooth Fairy
  27. Camping Chaos
  28. Shaun The Farmer
  29. Sheepwalking
  30. The Farmer's Niece
  31. Stick With Me
  32. If You Can't Stand The Heat
  33. TBA
  34. TBA
  35. TBA
  36. TBA
  37. TBA
  38. TBA
  39. TBA
  40. TBA


  • TBA


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