The Bull
Bull seeing red1
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Broadcast number


Written by

Nicolas Gallet

Storyboards by

Karen Heathwood

Directed by

Olivier Jean-Marie

    Broadcast Information
CBBC Channel

9 March 2007

Disney Channel US

8 September 2007

International Debut

23 December 2008
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"Take Away"
"Saturday Night Shaun"

The Bull is the ninth episode of the Series 1.

Sypnosis Edit

When a bull wanders into the sheep's field, Shaun finds out it's a bad idea to make him 'see red'. But then the Pigs pour some red paint into the sheep dip...Shaun has to clean up the mess.

Episode SummaryEdit

One day, Shaun and Bitzer are looking for apples, and eat the apples up. Meanwhile, the flock tries to stop a bull, who walkes back and one of the flock screams, as they saw the bull starting to roar. Shaun gives Bitzer an idea about a red blanket he was holding in Shaun's hoof. He then says ole in it's spain version, and swings the red blanket towards the bull, running towards Shaun. As the Bull watches Shaun, where did he go? He looked when Shaun taunts the mad bull and swings him in the air. With the bull gone forever, the flocks cheered for Shaun, and Bitzer hugs him. With the flock happy and overjoyed, the episode then ends.

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