The Big Chase is the seventh episode of Series 2 in Shaun the Sheep.


One day, the Farmer buys an ATV and plans to ride it. He has Bitzer guard it, but Timmy slips past and drives out onto the lane. Timmy's mother immediately gets the tractor and drives off too. This attracts the other sheep to join in. Bitzer blows his whistle to prevent more sheep from joining the pursuit, but they slip past when he's turned around, one by one. A confused pizza boy shows up asking for direction, and Bitzer directs him to the barn. He then steals the motorcycle for him and Shaun to ride. As Shaun and Bitzer ride, they hear sound coming and see the pigs joining in the chase.
The Big Chase title card

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  • The license plate on the Pigs' car says "OI NK 5".
  • When the Pigs' car is heard, it plays rock music. But when the old woman rides in it, it plays opera music.
  • The Pigs' car is based on an Opel Astra (1998) but without the roof on top.
  • It is very rare that the Flock mistakes the object for the vehicle.