Take Away
Pizza for everyone1
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Broadcast number


Written by

Richard Goleszowski & Rob Dudley

Storyboards by

Dave Vinicombe and Eve Coy

Directed by

Christopher Sadler

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CBBC Channel

8 March 2007

Disney Channel US

March 23 2007

International Debut

May 21 2007
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"The Bull"

Take Away is the eighth episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.

Synopsis Edit

Shaun and The Flock are trying to get some pizza, posing as a person.

Plot Edit

One day, Shaun and the flock sees the pizza delivery boy show up. Everyone is so hungry. They all want pizza so badly and they can't help it. Shaun gets into the Scarecrow's clothes and headed to Red Saucier in a bus. After getting smacked by an old woman, they go to the pizza place and pays a frog to him and gets the pizza. Shaun and the other sheep were happy. They finally have some food!

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode that Shaun was in the big city.
  • This episode could be the Prototype of "Shaun the Sheep Movie".

Goofs/Errors Edit

You can see Shirley's head when it flashes to the scarecrow.