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Timmy is sucking on his pacifier when he sees the Farmer planting a tomato with some kind of green goo. Timmy eats it and gets big and the flock gets scared. Bitzer sees Timmy wants to chase him and goes in the house to tell the farmer, but they do not see the big baby when they go out there, before Bitzer sees Timmy hiding in the shed. Timmy picks up Bitzer (Thinking Bitzer is a doll) from the kitchen and climbs onto the roof, where he tries to grab a duck. Shaun and Timmy's Mum would then try and get him down by making the teddy bear squeak. Shaun, Bitzer and Timmy's Mum lead him to the barn and Timmy hits his head, causing him to start crying. The Farmer, however, runs outside to see the tree knocked over, his car in the pool and the shed destroyed, as he hears Timmy crying. The Farmer phones the whole town to take Timmy down and the tomato shrinks while the farmer runs off. Before the town can defeat Timmy, he shrinks by passing gas and the residents walk off, after realizing they've been tricked. Shaun, Bitzer and Timmy's Mum hear a deep honk and see that the duck gets big too!

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Supersize Timmy title card

Trivia Edit

  • When Timmy grows big sized, he looks same as Shirley.
  • Timmy even sounds like Shirley when he grew big.
  • Timmy is keeping his baby way when became a giant.

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