Timmy is sucking on his pacifier when he sees the farmer planting a tomato with Miracle-Grow. Timmy eats it and gets big and all the sheep get scared (like when they thought he was a vampire in Little sheep of Horrors). The dog sees Timmy shaking the tree and goes in the house to tell the farmer, but they do not see the big baby when they go out there and Timmy was hiding in the shed. Timmy picked up the dog (similar to when Nancy picked up Harry in attack of the 50-foot woman) and went on the roof and tried to grab a goose and they get him down by making the teddy bear squeak. They lead him to the barn and he hits his head and starts crying and the farmer runs outside to see the tree knocked over, his car in the pool and the shed destroyed and hears Timmy crying. The farmer orders the whole town to take Timmy down and the tomato shrinks and before the town can defeat Timmy he shrinks by passing gas and the residents run off and the dog and the sheep hear a deep honk and see that the goose got big too!

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