Stick With Me is the thirty-sixth episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.

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Bitzer glues The Farmer's broken glasses back together, but when The Flock get their hooves on the tube of glue, things start to get very sticky.

Stick With Me
Stick With Me title card
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Written by

Glenn Dakin

Storyboards by

Rob Richards

Directed by

JP Vine

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CBBC Channel

12 September 2007

Disney Channel US

3 February 2008

International Debut

23 October 2008
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iTunes Release

31 July 2008

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"Troublesome Tractor"
"Heavy Metal Shaun"
Stick With Me

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  • This is the first time the Farmer has his glasses broken. The second time is Ewe've Been Framed.

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