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Shaun has a dream about outer space. But Shirley wakes him up. Many attempts fail but he puts fleece in his ears but a pipe falls into Shirley's mouth and her snore is loud. This wakes the Flock. They put her near Bitzer's doghouse, but he doesn't let them but he helps them.Shuman, bitzer, Timmons and Timmy'so mother moved quietly. But before they could even think of anything else... Shirley's snoring started the pickup truck alarm. Shirley is in a tree sleeping but everyone finds out it is morning and can't sleep anymore.

Snore-Worn Shaun
Snore-Worn Shaun title card
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Written by

Elly Brewer

Storyboards by

JP Vine

Directed by

Darren Walsh

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CBBC Channel

13 September 2007

Disney Channel US

May 23 2015

International Debut

December 23 2009
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iTunes Release

May 20 2017

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"Heavy Metal Shaun"
"Save the Tree"

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Snore-Worn Shaun title card
  • Bitzer's whistle sound is omitted on the A wooly good time DVD.