Sheepless Nights is the third episode of the Series 2 of the original series.

Sheepless Nights
Sheepless Nights title card
    Basic Information


Broadcast number


Written by

Lucy Daniel Raby

Storyboards by

Michael Salter

Directed by

Richard Webber

    Broadcast Information
CBBC Channel

25 November 2009

Disney Channel US

December 3 2009

International Debut

January 4 2010
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iTunes Release

March 1 2010

     Episode Guide
"Draw the Line"
"Spring Lamb"


When the water drips the hole in the roof, Shaun tries his best but falls leaving a big hole in the roof. The Farmer and Bitzer are helping the sheets relocate the barn for the night. The Pigs are guarding it.

Bitzer leads the sheep into the line, but one of the pigs scare Timmy's Mother with baby Timmy with disgusting teeth, throwing them as mud on their faces and stealing their room instead of the sheeps. Shaun and the sheeps sleep on top of the pigs and Bitzer pushes them. There is enough room as Timmy pops out of the room and Bitzer puts him in and leaves.

Then the peace is ruined when a pig starts farting, which wakes up the sheep. This leads into pushing and kicking as farting erupted which the pigsty breaks in half, sending the sheeps flying.

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