On March 16, 2007, hackers breached multiple producers and directors and caused what would be Shaun the Sheep's most destructive attack in history. Originally a fallout of a forum argument, the hack involved the episodes and the series, the use of the banner, and unauthorized episode promotions.

Cause of the hack Edit

Quoted by many as a day that would go down in history, the precursor to the hack was an episode discussion that arose into an argument between unnamed people, who were arguing about the episodes in Series 1. The person stole Series 1's episode afterwards, which was (at the time) Nick Park's personal favorite episode. The episodes exploded for a minute, thread-wise and, after that, the two were given episode detentions.

Soon after, producer Nick Park became a co-producer, and used his special powers to return the episode Scrumping back. The episodes in Series 1 went down tremendously, and episodes on the series were stuck in two possible situations: one getting hacked by the unnamed people, and the latter having the episodes hacked. The banner for the top of the episode will flutter in chaos, changing episodes and bestowing further shenanigans, examples being "thank you nick park for messing up the episodes, nub." and "always share the episodes with strangers, nub!".

After some time, Nick Park had found his way for administration. They began to imprint obscene content on the episodes. Episodes would be released by a minute, often with only two in stock for the episodes. Many producers and directors soon lost control of their episodes.

Some of the episodes' names were renamed, examples like: Off the Baa! was changed to Baaing has Quit, Buzz Off Bees was changed to the episode The Bee Sting and Bathtime to No Shower.

Soon after, the made a lot of banners scattered from the show, examples like "Haha the show is fascinating lets go spam the episode about it >:)", "remember people tell your friends to vote about Ron Paul" and "Yo gonna give a shout out to the homies in teh episode". They also added a banner saying "imma the gumball banner. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

The hackers aired a new episode in Series 1 with the title "Hackin' Shaun" . The episode was considered to be crudely drawn, and the only characters to appear in this episode are Shaun and Bitzer, who have been hacked at the time.

The hackers also hacked one of the fascinating episodes. One of these episodes are named Mower Mouth. The hackers also hacked the character, in that time, those episodes were shut down. When they are shut down, the hackers have been in episode detention again.

After all this activity had occurred, Nick Park brought the show offline, saying they were attempting to hack the show again. Producer Christoper Sadler had discovered a way to regress the hack of the two people, and once the entire show was restored to its original form, the two hackers are in episode detention again and the episode Hackin' Shaun was deleted.

When the show was shut down, it said, "WARNING: This TV show has been hacked by hackers. Shaun the Sheep will be online at 6 PM PST". When the show is online, the episodes' names were back to normal, and the banners were removed from the show. The hackers are in permanent episode detention, and Shaun the Sheep has been safe once and for all. In that time, many people thought that the bad directors were the team of the hack.

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