Shaun The Farmer is the twenty-fifth episode in Series 1.

Shaun the Farmer
Shaun The Farmer title card
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Written by

Sarah Ball

Storyboards by

Dave Vinicombe

Directed by

Andy Symanowski

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CBBC Channel

5 September 2007

Disney Channel US

5 September 2007

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"The Visitor"
"Tooth Fairy"

Synopsis Edit

The Farmer has a cold, so Shaun takes over.

Plot Edit

The Flock are trying to get out, but Shaun sees the Farmer is sick. It was so hard to try and do it, but Bitzer has an idea with Shaun. The Farmer vomits and it was hard for the pigs to have lunch Shaun wants Hazel to make milk for the Farmer as he was better.

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