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Written by

Thomas Szabo

Storyboards by

Francois Reczulski

Directed by

Olivier Jean-Marie

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CBBC Channel

August 30, 2006

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"Timmy in a Tizzy"
"Still Life"

Scrumping is the fifth episode in Series 1. It was aired in 30 August 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Flock sees the sheep eating. Their mouths water and they send Shaun over with a basket in his mouth. The pigs whisper to themselves, then take Shaun's basket. It is heavy as he drags it back. The sheep are waiting, ready to picnic. Shaun overturns the basket to reveal that it is filled with dirt. The pigs laugh. Shaun tries to walk over wearing stilts, but the pigs have a chainsaw. He is shown being tossed into the air repeatedly by the pigs before he lands in the dirt. He tries multiple times before the pigs put on fake helmets and prepare for attack. The Flock goes to the other side of the tree and start to pull it over so that Shaun may pick apples. They let go, and all of the apples are slingshotted into the field of the sheep. The episode ends with the pigs eating rotten food and the flock eating apples with Shaun.

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