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The Pigs, Trumper, Pidsley, Mower Mouth (formerly), The Bull (formerly), Hector, Fernando, The Farmer's Niece, Raul (current)


Bitzer, Shaun, The Flock, Mower Mouth, The Bull, The Twins


The Farmer

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Shaun the Sheep: The Movie

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Andy Nyman

Nuts is the charming eccentric member of the Flock, with an unusual way of looking at the world that sometimes confuses his woolly companions. He is a classic ‘daydreamer’ who lives in a world of his own, Nuts is the quirkiest character in Mossy Bottom Farm. No one knows what goes on his head but he brings his own unique skills to the table when the Flock find themselves deposited in the middle of the Big City.

History Edit

Shaun the Sheep Edit


Shaun the Sheep Movie Edit

Nuts is the one who pairs up with Shirley to disguise themselves as a human.

Gallery Edit

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