Mower Mouth
After ski-ing1
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Written by

Ross Hastings
Olivier Jean-Marie

Storyboards by

Francois Rosso

Directed by

Olivier Jean-Marie

    Broadcast Information
CBBC Channel

14 September 2006

     Episode Guide
"Still Life"
"Take Away"

A pesky goat is tethered in the sheep's field, and threatens to eat all their grass. When it breaks free, Shaun is taken on a ski-ing trip all around the farm.

Episode Summary Edit

The episode starts when Shaun is playing hide and seek, Bitzer tells Shaun he will be her friend a pesky goat named Len and walks to Shaun. Len tells the whole story he walks in a field with flowers he meet lily, the girlfriend from Len he fell in love and she was friendly and beauty like Lola Len had being end of his story. That night, Shaun and Len are lying in the grass and falls asleep. The next day is time to play Shaun with Len hide and seek again. Suddenly Shaun hears Timmy crying and Len tries to stop him. He and Len gives a rose that Lily gave it to her. Timmy sees his gift and makes very, very happy and hugs to Len and Shaun and Timmy and Len and he was drinking milk for her breakfast and Shaun, Timmy and Len are friends forever, Timmy's mother sees happy with his son and the flocks comes and hugs his friends and Bitzer too he and Len and Timmy are overjoyed and hug very strong and they are happy and joy and laugh the episode then ends.

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