Mountains Out of Molehills is the eighteenth episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.

Synopsis Edit

The Flock's dance is interrupted by a naughty mole. Shaun and the flock try escalating tactics to drive him away. Will the Flock call the exterminator to make life easier?

Mountains Out of Molehills
Mountains Out of Molehills title card
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Written by

Ian Carney

Storyboards by

JP Vine

Directed by

Dave Osmand

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CBBC Channel

15 March 2007

Disney Channel US

23 March 2008

International Debut

June 23 2010
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iTunes Release

August 23 2007

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"Who's the Mummy?"

Plot Edit

The episode begins when Bitzer and the Farmer are shown. The Farmer is eating his breakfast while Bitzer is standing. Bitzer turns on the music and the Flock dance to this tune. But just as the Flock dance, the Farmer sees but he notices the flock eating and Bitzer stops the music. As the Farmer leaves, Bitzer turn on the music again and the sheep dance to this again. However, something happens, and the large mole appears, breaking Bitzer music radio, and he falls. Shaun is shocked by this and tries to get rid of the mole. But things get worse when Shaun uses the fishing reel and gets taken and is flung into the pigsty. When he tries to go out, the pigs start to beat him up, flinging him out into the ground, then the mother mole takes the mole back to the hole. Bitzer finally fixes it and plays the music, which caused the Flock to dance again.

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Trivia Edit

  • The music when Bitzer turns on in the end is the same music the Flock dance in the end of Saturday Night Shaun.

Goofs/Errors Edit

  • When Shaun gets beaten up by the pigs, they are only heard but they are not shown.