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The Flock

Major charactersEdit


Shaun The Sheep is the main character of the series and the leader of the flock. He is a clever sheep and keeps his head. He has a good friendship with Bitzer.


Bitzer is the loyal dog of the farmer, and Shaun's friend. He can neglect his duties, but he enlists the help of Shaun and the Flock to fix any mishaps and is determined to please The Farmer.

The Farmer Edit

The Farmer is a ketty, drum-and-bass-loving Welshman who runs the farm with Bitzer at his side. He is completely oblivious to the human-like intelligence of his flock. His disastrous attempts at dating are an ongoing joke of the series. He is voiced by John Sparkes.

The Flock Edit

The Flock are the one big happy, if slightly dopey, family: The sheep like to play and create mischief together, though it's usually Shaun and Bitzer who sort out the resulting mess.


A Shirley can be described as an consuming-machine (still a sheep). She's so big that she often gets stuck and needs the other sheep to push, pull or even sling-shot her out of trouble, even using heavy equipment at times.


Timmy is Shaun's cousin. He may be the baby of the flock, but is often at the center of things. Luckily his mom is always there to keep him safe. He also appears as the main star in the spinoff Timmy Time.


Timmy's Mother wears curlers in her hair, and is a bit careless about maternal duties, even using Timmy once as some sort of a paint brush. But when her offspring goes astray, she is inconsolable until he is safely back in her care. She is also Shaun's aunt.

The Troublesome PigsEdit

The kinky Pigs are the main antagonists of the series, they're always trying to antagonize the Sheep and get them into trouble. They are, however, scared of Bitzer, who puts them in line. They are bullies to Shaun and his flock, and they got told off in "Pig Trouble" (Season 2) by The Farmer.


Pidsley is the cat, he's minor character in season 1 and major character in season 2 and desires to be the sole recipient of The Farmer's attention. He is jealous of Bitzer's relationship with the farmer and dislikes the sheep, thinking of them as stupid and beneath him.

Minor charactersEdit


The CockerelEdit

The Cockerel wakes the flock every day

The Mother HenEdit

The Mother Hen and her annoyingly chirpy Chicks appear in Who’s The Mummy.

The ChicksEdit

The Chicks are chicks that easily annoy Shaun. They always follow wherever Shaun goes (because Shaun was the first thing they saw upon hatching – something called imprinting), and in order to make them accept Mother Hen as their real mother.

The DuckEdit

The Duck appears in several episodes, including Off The Baaa and Bath Time, and often suffers collateral damage as a result of Shaun’s exploits. As seen in Bitzer Puts His Foot In It, he has several other duck friends.

Mower MouthEdit

Mower Mouth the goat is an unstoppable eating machine – while not an unfriendly character, all his considerable energy is focused on his next meal.

The BullEdit

The Bull is a short-tempered belligerent powerhouse, who is all too ready to see red at Shaun’s antics. He appears in The Bull, Prize Possession and Heavy Metal Shaun.

The MoleEdit

The Mole is a rude and annoying pest who appears in Mountains Out Of Molehills. He is fearless when mocking Shaun, but not so brave when his Mother Mole turns up.


She-Bitzer is a female dog belonging to some campers who pitch their tent next to the sheep’s field in Fetching. After a brief courtship, she and Bitzer are cruelly separated.

The BirdsEdit

The Birds make occasional appearances.


Lola is a special guest sheep in "Two's Company". She is a ewe and Shaun's interest. She became part of the flock after she is mistaken to be sent to her real home.


Pizza Delivery BoyEdit

Pizza Delivery Boy – A gormless teenager who rides a moped and works in the local pizzeria. Has also been seen moonlighting as a postman in Saturday Night Shaun.

The Farmer's NieceEdit

The Farmer's Niece – A sweet little cherub whose over-enthusiastic love of animals spells trouble for Shaun.

The RamblersEdit

The Ramblers – A liberal, nature-loving couple who appear in Shaun Shoots The Sheep.

The CamperEdit

The Camper – A yobbish litterbug who sets up his tent in the sheep’s field in Camping Chaos.

The ScarecrowEdit

The Scarecrow – Not a human character, more of a handy prop which Shaun makes use of in Take Away and Things That Go Bump

Bus DriverEdit

Bus Driver takes the sheep to and from the fair in "Sheep on the Loose" and "Takeaway".

The GrannyEdit

The Granny is a short-tempered, short-sighted old lady, appears in "Takeaway" and "Save the Tree". She also appears in "Two's Company", holding a cart and "The Big Chase", forcing the pigs to give her a lift in their car.

The Farmer's GirlfriendEdit

The Farmer's Girlfriend appears for the first time in Season 2.


The Alien FamilyEdit

The Lone AlienEdit

The Alien ScientistsEdit

Movie Edit


Trumper - He is the main antagonist of the movie. He is an evil animal containment officer who captures animals and takes them to the animal shelter.


Slip - She is the tritagonist in the movie. She is a city orphan dog who helps Shaun and the Flock find and save The farmer without distracting attention from Trumper.

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