on Sunday, it is 150 degrees, Shaun and the flock are thirsty and need to get water, after getting water, the dog starts water in the pool, he gets sunscreen, lemonade, an umbrella, a chair and a towel to put on the chair, the farmer gets his swimming trunks, inner tube and sunglasses and gets in the pool, Shaun uses a sheep disguised a cloud, but that doesn't get the farmer to go in the house, then they try by pulling the cork out of the inner tube, but the farmer comes back, they finally use Shaun disguised as a shark and they get the farmer and the dog to go in the house, and the sheep get in the pool while the farmer and the dog go to the local pool!

Trivia Edit

  • The newspaper that The Farmer is reading while his bathing, shows a picture of Shaun and the flock from a previous episode. Despite this, the farmer seems to be completely unaware that his sheeps are indeed unusual.
  • Shaun uses the fleece on his head as a hanky, this may reveal that it is fake.
  • when Shaun and Hazel are using sheep as clouds, they are revealed to be using Shirley and Nuts as clouds

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