Home Sheep Home 2 is a 2011 mobile game and successor to Home Sheep Home released 3 months earlier.


Home Sheep Home features the same ways of the first game,

  • Shirley Can move heavy objects
  • Shaun can jump high
  • Timmy can move through small tunnels

The game features more levels than the original game, equaling a total of 45 levels, 20 more than the original.

The game as well is divided into 3 worlds:



Lost in London

Lost in Space*

  • is available for in-app purchase.

The game also features a bonus level, called The Pirates! Band of Misfits which the objective is to try to not drown for as long as my as possible while avoiding cannonballs and exploding barrels from two ships on the side of the screen, and to collect as many Hams as possible.


Home Sheep Home 2 had mostly the same characteristics as the original, but was more favorited by more levels, and the levels having twisty features, the average rating on the App Store is 4 1/2 stars.

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