Hiccups title card
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Written by

Charles Hodges

Directed by

Jean-Philippe Vine

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CBBC Channel

1 February 2007

Disney Channel US

23 February 2007

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"Bitzer Puts His Foot In It"
"If You Can't Stand The Heat"

Plot Edit

When Shirley drinks Bitzer's juice, she starts hiccuping. Shaun first tries by blowing up a bag and pops it but it does not scare the hiccups away and the farmer gets muddy, then Shaun turns up a guitar loud but that didn't scare the hiccups away, then they try to give her water but she spits it out and soaks Timmy, then the Farmer gets a bath started and Bitzer tells Shirley to hold her breath and the farmer drops his duck and reaches for it and the towel falls down and Shirley sees his butt and screams, getting rid of the hiccups and the other sheep get the hiccups.
Hiccups title card


Trivia Edit

  • When the Farmer drops his rubber duck & when his towel falls off, his naked rear end shows from the window much to Bitzer's & the sheep's disgust.
  • The scene where the Farmer's buttock is zoomed in was cut out in some countries due to it being too inappropriate for the viewers.