Frantic Romantic is from Series 2: Episode 15.

The Farmer tries to impress his girlfriend by cooking a nice dinner but it doesn't all end well for the Farmer.


Shaun sees the farmer and his girlfriend hanging together at a picnic. When he and the flock sees the food, they manage to get to it and eat it, after using Timmy as a decoy. This outraged the Farmer and his girlfriend but the former says he will cook some food. He instead causes some sort of soup explosion. Then he asks bitzer to cook who then asks Shaun who agrees. Bitzer sets up a fancy table for the two and are served soup. Bitzer puts pepper in them which causes the girlfriend to almost sneeze. Then they are served salad which Bitzer puts pepper into also. The girlfriend still doesn’t sneeze. Then Shaun makes strawberry pudding. The farmer and his girlfriend are served it and are impressed by how it looks. But then Bitzer stops them and stupidly puts pepper into it. The Farmer does a giant sneeze which causes the pudding to go all over her girlfriend. The Farmer tries chasing after her when she leaves. Shaun and Bitzer then have pudding with the flock.

Frantic Romantic title card

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