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    Basic Information


Broadcast number


Written by

Julie Jones

Storyboards by

Oliver Jean-Marie

Directed by

Pierre Giles-Stehr

    Broadcast Information
CBBC Channel

21 November 2006

     Episode Guide
"Big Top Timmy"
"Mountains Out of Molehills"

Sypnosis tsis Edit

Bitzer plays fetch with a frisbee.

Plot Edit

The Farmer finds a frisbee when walking into the yard and he and Bitzer play fetch for a couple of times until The Farmer walks into his house and a sad Bitzer sees Shaun plays with him. He then throws it on accident onto She-Bitzer's tent and Bitzer sees her sitting on a fence and he walks over to her and starts flirting with her. Shaun sees and giggles while The Flock tries to get Bitzer back by honking the car horns and messing things up in The Farmer's house Lawson tries to order pizza, Bitzer then whistles and the flock run out of the house while Shaun cleans it up. The Farmer then comes back to the house and sees everything ok. Bitzer then sees Wendy leaving in her owner's car. He gets sad and misses her when Shaun cheers him up with an all-day game of fetch.

Characters Edit

  • The car taking away She-Bitzer has the licence number RICKY 1996

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