Ewe've Been Framed is the fifty-second episode in Series 2.

Ewe've Been Framed
Ewe've Been Framed title card
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Written by

Patrick Makin

Storyboards by

Jay Clarke

Directed by

Richard Webber

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CBBC Channel

December 8,2009

Disney Channel US

December 14, 2009

International Debut

December 23 2009
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"Cheetah Cheater"
"Bitzer's New Hat"

Synopsis Edit

Shaun accidentally breaks the Farmer's glasses; he and Bitzer have their work cut out trying to prevent their shortsighted master from having mishaps around the farm. The farmer does silly things that very night, giving Pidsley the wrong food. Mistaking the truck for a cow. Not putting the eggs in the basket and throwing them against the wall. Putting Timmy in the clothesline and using oil on the cow. Driving the tractor around without any glasses at all. Worried about their master that night, the Flock (and Bitzer) go to sleep until the Farmer attacks them with a shearer. New glasses are made. He puts them on and could see everything up close. In the end, the glasses of his are broken again.

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  • This is the second time the Farmer has his broken glasses, the first being Stick With Me.