Draw the Line is the second episode of Series 2 of Shaun the Sheep.

Plot Edit

The Farmer is trying to play football with Bitzer, but they are unsure of what can be counted as a goal. When a line painting machine is left in front of his house, he decides to use it to draw boundaries for his goal. When he leaves it, Bitzer takes the opportunity to draw around his doghouse. The Flock later seizes it and rides it. They crash it into a shack and three colors of paint fall into it. The owner is seen driving off, leaving striped lines behind him. Shaun draws a grass version of Bitzer, until Timmy rides it.

Draw the Line title card

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, this is impossible. This cannot draw line.
  • A different version of music is heard, when Timmy and Shaun are seen riding on the machine.

Character Edit

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