12 : Pole Vault

The unnamed sheep flew through the air, he fell and hurt himself, Shaun, who was wearing a head band, shook his head, Arnold bleated and then another sheep flew and made it, and an other did it, then Shaun flew HIGH in the air, when he fell, an owl clapped for him.

11: shot put

Leo threw the first ball, and one of the moles measured the distance, and put a flag down. Shaun grabbed the next ball and threw it very far, the mole put a flag down, The pigs talked about the distance of the ball, he threw a balloon and got a reward from Heather, the balloon deflated and went on the pig's snout.


Arnold, Shirley and one of the pigs were waiting to dive into a small tub, Arnold went in first, Shirley went second, SPLASH!!!!!!!!! went the water, splashing the moles, they lifted up cards that said 10, Shaun sprayed the pig with water.



A duck arrived at the barn to view the famous animals of Mossy Bottom Farm and to see the judo competition. Shaun and Hazel began to fight and fight until Timmy turned on some music. Bitzer grew angry and turned off the music. The second pig dropped his drink. Shaun knocked Hazel over. Flattening the duck.



Shaun bleated and did a few tricks on the pommel horse, then the high bar, then he balanced on a mattress, then the exercise pad, 10 said the cards the moles were holding up.


Shaun knocked the apple back and forth until it went the goal, Mower Mouth ate the apple, Shaun broke the cane and got an umbrella, the pink haired old lady won.


Shaun got the arrow next to the target, Bitzer sees the farmer coming home and they continued until the farmer came home, Bitzer saluted the farmer.

5:Synchronized swimming

Hazel was very excited, Shaun, Hazel, Nuts, and 3 unnamed sheep began doing swimming moves, Timmy was very excited, Bitzer gave medals to them.

4:100 meter dash

Shaun, Arnold, one of the pigs and Shirley began running happily, Bitzer counted to 100.


All the sheep carried carrots, they ran very far and Shaun won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:weight lifting

Shaun began lifting a giant weight until he got very strong and fast.


Shaun began twirling a red ribbon at very fast speed until the farmer saw him and started laughing hard.

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