On a nice day, Bitzer gets some balls, he tells Hazel to say the score of the game, Shirley gets the first ball and gets a strike. one of the moles flips the notes to 5. Shaun gets the next ball and knocks over nine pins and gets a spare the second mole flips the note to 15.

2: basketball

Shaun starts dribbling the ball and gets it in the hoop and scores, Shirley scores too, the fox jumps and gets a slam dunk, and the pigs started cheering happily

3: tennis

Shaun and Besaki started knocking the ball back and forth between the net and Shaun scored many times and his score was 56, Besaki had a score of 19, Shaun got a medal

4:Water Polo

Shaun and Lawson jumped in the sheep dip and started hitting the ball and Lawson had a score of 7 while Shaun had 78, 10 said the cards the moles were holding up


Shaun ran towards the goal in the field, all of Mossy Bottom Farm was cheering for him, Shirley and Bitzer, they where doing very, very good and Shaun got a score of 45, Shirley had 34 and Bitzer had 23, Arnold gave Shaun a gold medal, Shirley a silver medal and Bitzer a bronze medal


Shaun ran towards the goal and was panting hard, he had nearly used up all his energy, Mower Mouth belated for Shaun to win the rugby game

7:ATV racing

Shaun, Shirley, Timmy, Heather, Arnold, Leo and Lawson had gotten on their ATVs and Bitzer popped the gun and they were off through the sheep's field, through the pigsty, through the chicken coop, through the barn, through the farmer's garden and through Bitzer's kennel. Shaun was first, Timmy was second and Shirley was third

Shaun The Sheep Championsheeps 7 Episodes

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