Buzz Off Bees
Buzz Off Bees title card
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Broadcast number


Written by

Julie Jones

Storyboards by

Jason Comley

Directed by

Christopher Sadler

    Broadcast Information
CBBC Channel

24 October 2006

     Episode Guide
"Little Sheep of Horrors"

Buzz Off Bees is the thirteenth episode of Series 1 of Shaun the Sheep.

Synopsis Edit

Bitzer and the flock encounter a hive of bees. Mayhem ensues.

Plot Edit

The episode starts when shaun is with lola playing tag and hide and seek suddently there was a sound it's the bees! he and lola runs fast as they could but the bees follow them he and lola ran and ran and ran in the field and hide in the farmer,s house and close the door. bitzer and the flocks are working for the rules and heard the bees and ran fast as they could and hide the farmer's house too where lola and shaun in the house and close the door too and see the tv and watches the scary horror movie in the sofa the bees disappered and hides in the bees house lola and shaun kisses with his mouth and then where overjoyed eating popcorn with salt and he and she are friends forever and gives a rose and kiss again and are overjoyed and the horror movie ends the final love and she and he are the best of friend the episode then ends.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first to show a sheep defecating.

Goofs/Errors Edit

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