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{{Infobox character |gender = Male |image = Bitzer.png |species = Dog |appearance = *yellow skin, olive ears, black nose, wearing a blue cloth hat, a watch (on his left hand), a black collar

  • appearing with fur, gray nose, gray collar in season 2

|loveinterests = Wendy |allies = Shaun, The Flock,The Farmer |enemies = Shaun(sometimes),The Flock(sometimes),The Naughty Pigs, Pidsley |friends = Shaun (good friend) |owners = The Farmer |personality = long-suffering, faithful, loyalty, tolerant, friendly |like = bones, catching (dogs' common interests), listening to his walkman, playing crossword.. |dislike = trouble and mischief from the sheep, the Naughty Pigs |profession = *sheepdog

  • referee (football game)

|position = keeper of the Flock, the farm's custodian |affiliation = *The Farm

|first = "Off the Baa!" |voice = Dan Russell Bitzer "Ferbgor"Gingeris a popular character in Shaun the Sheep, the yellow, long-suffering sheepdog, only wants a quiet life - but this is the last thing he is going to get when Shaun is around. He is obviously on the same side as Shaun and The flock, but even though he is also very loyal to The farmer, he will never tell him about the animal's intelligence. He somewhat bears a resemblence to Gromit. On "Off the Baa!", he acted referee for the football game, so he probably knows a little football. Bitzer also lets Shaun have the chart and whistle and be in charge if the farmer is sick or something. On the way to pick up some sheep from the fair, underneath a signpost, he urinated.

His catchphrase is "Bow-wow!"

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