Bathtime is the second episode of Series 1 of Shaun The Sheep.

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Broadcast number


Written by

Richard Goleszowski & Rob Dudley

Storyboards by

J.P. Vine

Directed by

Christopher Sadler

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CBBC Channel

March 5, 2007

Disney Channel US

March 23 2007

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"Off the Baa!"
"Shape Up with Shaun"

Episode SummaryEdit

The episode starts where the Flock looks very dirty like the pigs where. The Flock hears the Farmer singing, while he makes warm water, so he can have a shower. The Flock makes a plan to turn their bath into the swimming pool, where the water spit up and the bathtub makes very empty. While Shaun sucks up the warm water from the farmer's bathtub, he falls out of the house and Bitzer tries to catch him. Later on, Bitzer looks at the flock, where they're having a good time. When Shaun asks him to join in, Bitzer jumps into the pool with him. While the flock's still bathing all day at the swimming pool, the farmer finds out that his bathtub is empty. Even though he cannot bath with the cold water, he baths in the kitchen and brushes his shoulders, where he makes shampoo and cleans very fast before bedtime. The episode ends right there.

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Trivia Edit

  • When Shaun and the Flock are shown running down the hill, they can be heard bleating.
  • This is the first episode to be written by Richard Goleszowski & Rob Dudley.

Errors Edit

  • The Flock drain all of the water from the Farmer's bathtub to use in their bath into a swimming pool. However, in real life, the water from a bathtub could never be fully filled into a swimming pool.

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