Bathtime is the second episode of Series 1 of Shaun The Sheep.

Shaun takes bath1
    Basic Information


Broadcast number


Written by

Jim Gomez

Storyboards by

Francois Rosso

Directed by

Olivier Jean-Marie

    Broadcast Information
CBBC Channel

August 25, 2006

     Episode Guide
"Off the Baa!"
"Shape Up with Shaun"

Episode SummaryEdit

The episode starts when the flocks are dirty like pigs the flocks heard the farmer sings and makes a warm water and the flocks made a plan the flocks made the swimming pool, and then the water spit out and the bathtub makes very empty and Shaun falls the house Bitzer tries to catch her and Bitzer looks his finger with his friends Bitzer jumps in the water at sunset bathing all day at the swimming pool the farmer,s bathtub is empty what a disaster he cannot bath in the bath-tub is empty, he baths in the kitchen and brushes the brush her shoulders and made shampoo and cleans very fast before bedtime the episode then ended. [Very bad English. Ujaan can't write the full story properly. It needs to be corrected in a few days.]

Trivia Edit

Errors Edit

  • The sheep drained all of the water from the Farmer's bath-tub to use in their bath, a swimming pool. However, in real life, the water from a bathtub could never fully fill a swimming pool.

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