An Ill Wind is the 77 episode of the second series of Shaun the Sheep.


The farmer recieves a big electricity bill and decides to build a homemade wind turbine. The farmer has an idea and decides to make his source of electricity the wind turbine's movement. That night, the flock decides to turn it into a futuristic fairground ride after Shaun accidentally fell on it while trying to oil an annyoing squeak. The Farmer and Bitzer start watching a hurdles tournament, the flock tries to power the television but it always fails. Their first plan went well. The second was too slow. The third one went backwards. The fourth one (where Shirley is on) went alternating forwards and backwards. Causing the television to say "awannawan, owapido." The fifth one was way too fast and caused the house's electricity to blow up. This led to the farmer on destroying the windmill. Instead of using the wind turbine's source of electricity, they have a fire and roast marshmallows on it.

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  • This is the first time Timmy is a minor character, the second was in "The Smelly Farmer" and the third in "Bad Boy".
  • When the wind turbine is spinning fast and the TV goes fast, it's the same way the Magic Windmill spins with pink sparkles fast and TV gets on from Teletubbies. However, a wind turbine doesn't spin with sparkle, because it doesn't probably resemble a pinwheel.